Year 5 Star Gazing

Last night, some Year 5 children were lucky to have the opportunity to come back to school and complete some star gazing activities. Mr Squires, the STEM teacher from Cleeve School, brought some amazing telescopes. We were lucky enough to have a clear evening and see lots of different constellations. Also, we saw Jupiter and its 4 moons and our moon’s craters. Thanks to Mr Squires for all your support and knowledge, we had a fantastic evening.

Communication Wow activities 5GJ

To start our new unit on Communication, we had a fun-filled Wow activity afternoon. We carouseled around 3 activities. The first was a great Communication game, where we had to answer ‘Challenge cards’. The next activity was cracking codes and making our own. Lastly, we had a super communication game, which involved us describing a pattern for our partner to solve and using our communication skills.  We are all looking forward to learning more about Communication through history.

Stem activity 5GJ

We had a visitor (Mr Ward) from Cleeve School this week to talk about STEM activities. We discussed forces and then we made a car, powered by an elastic band.  We had to use lots of resources such as dowelling, wheels and straws. Also, we had to be extra careful using the glue gun. We are had to persevere when things got a bit tricky but we all had a fab time. We raced the cars in the hall, with some running further than others. Thank you Mr Ward for a great session!

Trip to the Corinium Museum 5GJ

What a fantastic day out Year 5 had at the Corinium Museum, in Cirencester. Both the children and staff were excited to finally go on a trip! We loved seeing all the Roman Mosaics and the variety of Roman artefacts. The workshop was super – from dressing up as Roman people, looking for clues on Roman burials and playing some Roman games. The children even had the energy to sing Christmas songs on the way home! A great day out, with lots of learning and lots of fun.

Roman gods game 5GJ

We had great fun this afternoon! We created our own Roman gods Top Trump cards. Firstly, we had to research the gods and score different aspects, such as their power, skills, weapons and importance. We then had great fun playing the game with our friends.


Premier League Trophy 5GJ

We were very lucky yesterday because we firstly had Cheltenham Town Football Club in to coach us. Secondly, we saw the actual Premier League Trophy – yes, the real thing!! We could not believe our eyes! This is something we will never forget.

Roman Artifacts 5GJ

5GJ were lucky enough to have borrowed some Roman artifacts from the Wilson Museum in Cheltenham. We thoroughly enjoyed handling the objects and discussing their uses. We couldn’t believe how heavy the armour, shield and helmet were!

Sports coaching in 5GJ

Recently, 5GJ have been lucky enough to have some coaches in to teach them different sporting skills. We have learnt all about rugby and how to throw and catch the ball. Also, we have had Cheltenham Town in, who have taught us the skills of football and how to use these in small games. We have had great fun and have used our UNITED skills to work well as a team.

Visiting Science teacher to 5GJ

5GJ were lucky enough to have a Science teacher from Cleeve High School come and visit. He taught us all about different materials and their properties. We also learnt that some materials can conduct electricity. He taught us lots of great scientific words and we had to use our teamwork skills to work together.